A love-letter to OSM: Greetings from Brussels

Friday 10:30am, Auditorium C


Pieter Brusselman 30min

Trage Wegen vzw

Pathways, biking routes, field roads or shortcuts: these are everyday features whom we rarely contemplate on. Yet what we consider self-evident, often stays invisible. Trage Wegen (literally ‘association for slow roads’) is an organization that celebrates these hidden gems, suitable for pedestrians and bikers.

Trage Wegen, who have been working on government projects since 2013, will unravel their methodology of working with OSM-data. Their focus lies in making the walking-experience in Brussels more pleasant and easy. As a supporter of open data as a way of unlocking information, they are both a user and contributor to OSM – living proof of the necessity of OSM in making exciting things happen.