A map of OpenStreetMap

Friday 2:10pm, Auditorium A


Mikel Maron 30min

OpenStreetMap Foundation

There is no comprehensive picture of what the heck OpenStreetMap has become. What started as a crazy hacker project is now a vital part of the global data ecosystem yet also still a crazy complex hacker project. The number of mappers and organizations, new uses and ways to contribute, is growing ever faster. It’s hard to find your way as a newcomer, and even long timers can’t track how our community grows and transforms.

We need a map. This talk will take some steps at charting out the landscape, investigate how diverse elements of OpenStreetMap interact, and some possible well designed and focused adaptations to our community structure and networks, like greater role for OSMF Members and Local Chapters, and ways to share burden of core software development. Let’s get started with a map and a plan to help connect our community closer together.