Empowering women through OpenStreetMap in Mali

Saturday 4:00pm, Auditorium A


Astou Nathalie Sidibe 30min

OpenStreetMap Mali

As a young leader in Mali, Nathalie understands the importance of open data in resolving some of the challenges the country faces. Inspired by Espace OSM Francophone (EOF) workshops, and with the support of other young leaders, she created the Malian OpenStreetMap Community.

In this session Nathalie will describe the goals, challenges, achievements and expectations of the community. She’ll share her experiences mobilising the community via mapping parties and workshops. As a woman in a male-dominated environment, this hasn’t always been easy. Despite negative thoughts against women in Africa, Nathalie doesn’t give up and now strives to support social strategies that empower women through OpenStreetMap.