Investing in OSM communities to build resilience

Friday 12:00pm, Auditorium A


Vivien Deparday 30min

World Bank - Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery

The World Bank launched the Open Data for Resilience Initiative (OpenDRI) and has been engaging in community mapping projects since its inception in 2011. The aim is to bring stakeholders together to create data and tools to inform decision-making related to urban planning and disaster risk management. But it’s equally important to develop a level of trust necessary for these efforts to become sustainable.

Illustrated with many examples, this talk will address the following questions by presenting core principles of engagement and best practices to design successful community mapping activities.

  • How can we use community mapping to increase resilience to natural hazards and the impacts of climate change?
  • What makes a community mapping project successful?
  • What are the strategies for engaging local stakeholders and creating cross-organization communities?
  • How can we measure sustainability of a local OpenStreetMap community?