Learn to map: Making mapping fun

Sunday 10:00am, Building D/Room 1


Miriam Gonzalez 75min

OpenStreetMap Mexico & Telenav

Over the past two years I have been organizing and giving OpenStreetmap workshops for Universities, Government authorities and Civil Society. I’ve learned how to make them fun and keep people engaged during and after the workshop.

If you are new to OpenStreetMap, or just want a refresher course, then join me in the workshop. I include the following:

  • Introduction to OSM (what is OpenData, benefits of OSM, how to use it for Humanitarian purposes)
  • Introduction to ID Editor (description and then exercise together)
  • HOTOSM Tasking Manager
  • Contest to finish in 15 days to the person who maps the most

I can also provide some “train the trainers” tips based on what I have seen work the best for the attendee. If you’re a trainer join me in this session to help the new mappers and pick up some ideas.