OpenStreetMap Awards & State of the Local Map

Sunday 10:00am, Room QA


Ilya Zverev 75min

OpenStreetMap Foundation

Join us to celebrate the best of OpenStreetMap. The session will be split into two parts. First OpenStreetMap Foundation board member, Ilya Zverev, will present the OSM Awards. This is a chance to celebrate the achievements of the OpenStreetMap community and will culminate in the presentation of the Ulf Möller Memorial Award - an award presented in the memory of Ulf Möller who was killed in January 2012. Known for his smile and his helpful demeanor Ulf was a friend and colleague for many in OpenStreetMap and its Foundation.

Following the awards we will open the floor to members of the community that want to talk about the “State of the Map” in their local region. This is a popular addition to the annual conference and we are always excited to hear how you are getting on across the globe.