OpenStreetMap US: The real McCoy

Saturday 3:00pm, Auditorium A


Drishtie Patel, Alyssa Wright, Ian Dees, Alex Barth, Martijn van Exel 30min

OpenStreetMap US

OpenStreetMap US is one of the most significant OpenStreetMap communities in the world. Organized in 2009, OpenStreetMap US manages the largest budget, conference, website, and mapathons. We have also supported the production of key OpenStreetMap development tools such as MapRoulette and iD Editor, collaborated with federal, state and local government agencies, and assisted with ten major OpenStreetMap humanitarian response. And – we are friendly! From its very beginnings, OpenStreetMap US has been a functional model of communication and action.

In this presentation the entire US board would like to reflect on lessons learned as a contribution to the international OpenStreetMap community. With some of us involved in OpenStreetMap leadership for over ten years, we will summarize what we have learned from local investment and the vision we are moving towards for national impact.