Portable OSM: Into the disconnected wilds

Saturday 12:30pm, Auditorium C


Emily Eros 30min

American Red Cross

OpenStreetMap’s offline tools are amazing. But for intensive mapping by small teams, coordinating contributions can be difficult; especially when you lack reliable internet connectivity! Because the Red Cross’ mapping locations are so remote, a better way to interact and edit OSM in a disconnected way for days and potentially weeks at a time was required.

Portable OSM combines an offline OSM API, Field Papers, OpenMapKit, a captive portal, and many new enhancements to the OSM workflow. Using very cheap hardware (<$300), contributors are able to download an area of interest, work offline in the field (editing with familiar tools), and then return to a connected environment and sync all changes back to OpenStreetMap.

This session will take you through the design and architecture process, experiences of using Portable OSM in real world conditions and show you how to set up your own instance.