State of West Africa

Saturday 10:30am, Auditorium C


Mohamet Lamine N'Diaye, Dibloni Innocent Soungalo 30min

OpenStreetMap Senegal & Association OpenStreetMap Burkina Faso

Mohamet Lamine N’Diaye will present OpenStreetMap Senegal’s history and voluntary activities since 2012 (advocacy, training, field mapping, mapathons). He will also discuss their interactions with other OSM communities in West Africa and worldwide.

As a founding member of the OpenStreetMap association of Burkina Faso, Dibloni Innocent Soungalo will describe the activities, achievements and goals of the association. This includes promotion of OSM via mapathons, surveys, training and workshops. But also working with other open data communities, private or government organisations, to help them discover OSM and the many use cases it could have for them.