Station Indoor routing and mapping in practice with OpenStationMap

Sunday 2:00pm, Room QA


Roland Olbricht, Roland Wagner 75min

MENTZ GmbH and Akaparis GmbH

The typical public transit station is used by tens of thousands of passengers each day. Due to their complexity a lot of mappers feel overwhelmed with editing stations. Furthermore lots of important features like fare gates do not have an established tagging yet.

The Deutsche Bahn (German railways) with Akaparis GmbH and Dynamo Project and MVV with Mentz GmbH have mapped many long distance and metro stations in the last year. On the other hand there are still a large number of stations which are “terra incognita” for OSM. Therefore this workshop invites you to join these activities and to expand this idea of future smart indoor routing and mapping within stations.

We build on the existing and sound work for indoor mapping (Simple Indoor Mapping Schema) and present additions we suggest to map essential and commonplace features in stations. To further ease mapping we would like to present an approach of defining various levels of details. We also present helpful JOSM presets and a JOSM plugin to simplify tagging. We would like to discuss if these ideas go well with the existing indoor viewers and well-known mapping techniques.