Staying on the right side: Best practices in editing

Sunday 11:45am, Room QA


Simon Poole, Frederik Ramm, Ethan Nelson 75min

OpenStreetMap Foundation

This session will examine best practices in editing conflicts, mechanical editing and editing tools. It comprises three parts, which each have their own video recording.

First, Ethan Nelson will show a few examples of editing disputes he has seen during his time on the Data Working group. Country extents and borders are a highly contentious issue and conflicts inevitably arise in the depiction of these. Ethan will submit practical proposals to better represent diverse global viewpoints of borders. Part 1, Editing dispute examples, on Youtube.

Frederik Ramm will then explain why so-called “mechanical edits” - edits in which a large number of objects are changed without looking at them individually - can be detrimental to OpenStreetMap. He will outline the frequent pitfalls waiting for those who attempt mechanical edits, and explain the correct procedures for performing them. Part 2, Mechanical edits, on Youtube.

Finally, Simon Poole will review editing tools. He will give an overview of some “shoulds” and “don’ts” that both consumer and developers should consider when choosing a tool and developing one. The talk will be peppered with examples of some of the more arcane stuff you need to deal with to avoid criticism for using or writing a tool that breaks stuff. Part 3, Review of editing tools, on Youtube.