TeachOSM: Harnessing the power of OpenStreetMap for geography education

Saturday 2:00pm, Auditorium C


Maggie Cawley 30min

Boomerang Geospatial

TeachOSM is dedicated to making OpenStreetMap the on-ramp to a rich world of open source mapping tools and educational activities. Because of their low cost and relative accessibility, OpenStreetMap and the related ecology of open source geospatial tools are ideal for teaching the fundamental concepts of geography and mapping.

This talk will feature case studies of TeachOSM workshops in the Caribbean and Mauritius that focused on the use of OpenStreetMap, open data, and QGIS. These projects show how teaching open mapping techniques contribute to strengthening economies and providing accurate maps of the local communities. OSM has led to the delivery a new generation geospatial tools that have the potential to improve geography education. Join Maggie and help make a plan to bring OpenStreetMap into classrooms all over the world.