Trace from Space: International version

Saturday 2:30pm, Auditorium A


Kevin Bullock 30min


Anyone who has edited OpenStreetMap (OSM) has used DigitalGlobe imagery; they might not realize it, they might refer to it as “Bing” or “Nextview”, but all OSM users are DigitalGlobe users.

DigitalGlobe is the team who are building, launching, operating and provisioning high resolution, accurate images that power OSM. Just days ago we launched of our newest satellite: WorldView-04, which will ensure data continuity for the next decade. This talk will cover how DigitalGlobe will continue to innovate and provide data to OSM that will allow OSM to go to the next level in terms of relevant coverage and detail. It will also cover DigitalGlobe’s Open Data initiative and ecosystem of partners in the Geo industry.