Using big data to help us improve the map

Saturday 10:00am, Auditorium A


Beata Jancso 30min


Drivers using Telenav’s OpenStreetMap based Scout applications generate a continuous stream of location information. Liquid gold as it turns out! Using sophisticated matching and generalization techniques, Telenav’s OSM engineers create something beautiful out of those billions of raw data points. We call it Improve OSM. A suite of tools that highlight small mapping tasks for contributing to OSM in a meaningful way.

In this technical talk lead OSM engineer, Beata Jancso, will dig beneath the surface to reveal some of the elaborate data processing and the technology stack we built to make all this possible. If you are interested in how to apply big data concepts to OpenStreetMap to gain high-value intelligence for improving the map, this is a talk you do not want to miss. With exciting improvements planned, we hope to leave some time to talk about the future of Improve OSM.