Watching for vandalism

Saturday 2:00pm, Auditorium A


Sajjad Anwar 30min


OpenStreetMap today is much more than a street map. The data is used for navigation, data visualisation, art, urban planning and much more. Today, there were over 20k changesets - making OSM one of the most active open data projects with great adoption. Accidental edits and attempts at vandalism make a bigger impact than they used to. Mapbox are learning about these problems and approaching them holistically - fixing issues every day, using existing tools, improving editing software, and building new tools and workflows for emerging problems.

Sajjad will share what they have learned so far. He will discuss technical details and challenges behind the tools and workflows they are building, how they gather feedback, ideas and insights from the community, and talk about first response systems to maintain OSM as the best map of the world.